Instagram: whitehare1020

On display at Noddy Charleston in Charleston, SC


  1. hi, there –

    we visited charleston recently and saw your work in a downtown shop. i am interested in purchasing a small oyster watercolor painting, but do not see it on the shop’s site (Noddy Charleston) or on your offerings here. is it possible to see your available work at a different location/site? thanks very much, your work is beautiful.

  2. Hello Marie, Thank you so much for your nice email, I am currently working on new water colors. Do you know what size you are looking for?
    22×30, 12×12 and 5×5. Also do you want it framed. I was at Noddy on Thursday and I did take pictures so can upload them and send them.
    Feel free to call me @704-458-1730

    Thank you for your interest

  3. Please contact me regarding your art…


  4. Hello Suellen, If you have any question please contact by phone 704-458-1730.
    thank you for your interest,
    Amy Sullivan Weishaar

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